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AI Cures Conference

April 24th, 2023
Samberg Center, MIT

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Accepted Posters

Poster Guidelines
Last updated: Apr. 5, 2023

*Admission is FREE for those with accepted posters! First authors with accepted posters will receive an email with admission to the conference.

Deadline: Apr. 12, 2023

Poster Topics

Submitted posters should fall under the following categories:​​ 

  1. Clinical AI

  2. AI Biology

  3. AI Systems

  4. AI Safety & Fairness

  5. AI in Drug Discovery

Poster Format

  1. Posters should be sized 48” x 36”, and oriented in landscape.

  2. All posters should be physically printed. No screens will be available for electronic posters.

  3. Posters should be printed and brought to the conference on April 24, 2023. Please do not mount your poster on foam core. We will provide push pins for you to affix your poster to the poster board.

Poster Session

  1. Format. Poster presentations will take place in a single block through lunch.

  2. Location. The poster session will take place on the 6th floor of the Samberg Conference Center.

  3. Schedule and Layout. The schedule of poster presentations will be released the week before the conference. Booth numbers and booth assignments will be provided day-of.

Call for abstracts

Please read the Poster Guidelines before submitting.

Authors can submit either an image file OR a document file.

Note that admission is FREE for those with accepted posters.*

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Thank you for submitting!

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Samberg Conference Center


MIT Chang Building E52

50 Memorial Drive

Cambridge, MA 02142


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